The Best Web Organiser so Far?

The Best Web Organiser so Far?

Scrybe looks to be the next big thing for web-based organisers. Have a look at their pre-beta release video which shows some very cool ideas.

There’s the usual linking and moving of events in the calendar with day, week, month, year views but keep watching. How about dropping in data from Excel that actually formats itself correctly. Want to link to those documents for that 3pm meeting – no problem. It also adds in some Diigo/ bookmarking features of it’s own so you can save all those great ideas for your Mum’s birthday from the web into the event reminder.

As mentioned at engtech there’s no show and tell of the synchronisation features yet, but I’ve signed up for a beta account. Once they can tie into Outlook and maybe Notes (we must forgive) people have a really good reason to get involved.

Kudos to engtech for the link.

Edit: I forgot the best bit. Scrybe will print out your schedules and to-do list onto a sheet of paper with fold lines that turn it into a neat little booklet. This has to be the first example of Web2.0 origami.

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