The New Media

The New Media

Last night the Auckland region was rocked by three earthquakes which did little or no damage. They were the biggest quakes in close to 40 years in a normally stable area. All three hit after the evening TV news had aired so people were looking for news on what happened. Where did they turn to, why the Web of course.

Only a few years ago, a news event like this would have gone largely ignored by what passed as online news agencies. Last night however, the NZ Herald (large daily paper) had a story on their site within 15min and the local GeoNet site listing recent earthquakes was unavailable due to high traffic volumes.

By this morning interest in the story will have waned and the traditional paper and TV media will not be seeing that many more sales or viewers than normal. You can bet though that hits on web news sites last night went through the roof and those inconspicuous page ads started paying good money.

Those media agencies that have been slow on the uptake of what their audience wants and where they are now going for their information, need to move now before they get left behind for good.

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