You know Google has won when

You know Google has won when

Friends last Saturday night started talking about how they were using Google AdWords to help drive traffic to their old-school business websites. We’re talking a locksmith and a moving company here – not a web savvy SEO or Web 2.0 developer in site!

Discussion turned to how much they were each spending on their AdWords campaigns and both were on the low side, in fact the same amount, $30. Now that is a small amount but probably typical of those dipping their toes into web marketing for the first time. It would be interesting to see some figures from Google about what the average spend was compared to site rankings. The internet search and advertising giant didn’t get US$11 billion by ignoring their customers.

Some of the comments at the dinner table also echoed the feelings I have toward established media outlets, especialy those in the print business. The locksmith had run ads in large newspapers over the last few years but recently had been coming up dry on leads from their not inconsiderable spending.

As trade across the internet becomes more accepted and traditional business embraces the new advertising services the old media methods will struggle and die. No one wants to spend an hour searching through the classifieds when they can run a global search or visit an online auction site and find and purchase what they want within minutes.

Sellers can target a certain audience easily and then get a range of metrics on how many viewed their ad and then followed through. Further marketing can then be narrowed again to increase the quality of the investment. Well targeted ads benefit both sides, buyers see things they’re interested in and sellers and more likely to see a purchase.

So if you’ve been thinking about doing some business on the web, now is a good time to invest some time and maybe a little money. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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