Overview System Monitoring

Overview System Monitoring

Introduction to Overview System Monitoring

The aim of Overview is to enable system administrators to monitor servers and other network devices and collect information. An Overview server can be configured to pull information from your devices or an agent can run on your device to pass encrypted data back. Once Overview has the data it can then make decisions on whether that data meets the required values. Almost anything can be read from the remote devices and you can expand on the remote scripts as required.

Overview has a number of features that can help out any system administrator, such as:

  • all data is collected and stored for graphical display, allowing you to spot trends and view historical usage.
  • any data collected can be queried to meet any conditions you specify and alert users if required.
  • can collect data on disks, CPU, RAM, network, ping, fileshares, file contents, databases, connected users, Citrix users, services, processes, print queues and more.
  • team members can be alerted to problems by email or TXT message within seconds.
  • alerts can be configured to wait a certain time to minimise false alarms or momentary conditions e.g. a CPU spiking to 100% for a few seconds.
  • the default dashboard shows the last alerts, most alerted devices and a breakdown of the last few days.
  • team members can roster themselves off to avoid alerts when required.
  • each data collector can be configured to only run at certain times or days of the week.
  • simple to use and easy to understand.
  • runs on free OSS (Apache, PHP, MySQL) and a Windows or Linux server meaning setup can happen in under 30min.

Currently Overview is undergoing testing in a production environment, and it’s planned to run a restricted version of it on a public website to let anyone use it.

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