DisplayPoint is a solution to meet the demands of displaying content as easily as possible on screens around your business or public space. All you need is a device that runs a modern web browser and you can centrally manage your dashboards and big screens from your desk.

Anyone can schedule and show images, movies, messages, websites or RSS feeds to a group of computers. Rather than buy some sort of application that you must install on all your computers or a server, just get a low-powered machine and a web browser.


DisplayPoint is being extended regularly and I’m open to requests for features which fit the general use of the product. Some of the current features are,

  • completely browser-based
  • centrally managed by anyone with a web browser
  • content can be displayed for any duration
  • show images like a slide show
  • view movies from your own network or stream from YouTube
  • post messages to inform others of meetings, news, etc
  • import and cache RSS feeds from news sites
  • display web pages that automatically scroll down to show all content
  • set content to expire at a certain date and time
  • add multiple display devices to content groups e.g. marketing sees one content group and the engineering teams see another

Use it to cycle through the photos from the company BBQ with messages about the next team meeting mixed in. You can even use it in public areas to highlight videos and show messages specific to that area.

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