Running Your Own Web Server

Running Your Own Web Server

After nudging the storage allowance on our web host a few times in the last month, I’ve started setting up the same sites on Digital Ocean. Partly to get the 20GB of SSD storage that resolves the current constraint but also to have a play with managing it all myself and working through the automated provisioning experience.

After a day of configuration and following the odd tutorial (admittedly Digital Ocean have some very good content in their help system for how to set up a myriad of different apps and OS’s) I can say it really is much easier just going for the basic “pay for simple access to a shared web server” option if you can. Even just WordPress is a bit of a pain in the arse to tweak for the proper security permissions while letting you do uploads and automatic plugin installs. In my case I need to have the LAMP stack, or at least the file system and web server accessible, but if you don’t, take a minute to think of why you can’t just use

Our old host also had email set-up as part of the service with unlimited mail accounts, etc. Again with the new option and managing it all myself, I’m not overly looking forward to the fiddling to get Postfix, etc working properly. It’d be great if Google Apps had a much lower price for their per user mailbox hosting option.

Anyway, so far, so good as this blog is the first of the old content to move across to Digital Ocean.

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  1. Update on the mail option after a year. It took a while, but a combination of Zoho (five free email accounts) and Mailgun and Mandrill (the latter two for sending) have this solved. There just need to be some changes to your DNS and MX records and things work pretty well.

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