Book: Lock In

Book: Lock In

Just finished reading this after a random find during a library visit. I’ve read at least one John Scalzi before and that was a relatively easy but good read. Lock In was a great read and touched on some great sci-fi topics that are close to becoming reality – “wet” impants to the human brain and humanoid robots that humans can inhabit on a temporary basis. In regard to the latter, this was a similar story line to the movie Surrogates where people essentially live their live in the real word via a robot.

The possibility for the human race to have the capability to transcend from our physical bodies is an interesting one. We have the beginnings of VR and augmented reality technology now, but longer term there will be plenty of discussion on virtual vs IRL and the impact of people spending more time in a virtual world than the physical. Why be limited with the “meat bag” that you were born into when you can appear as you like and rely more on who you are rather than what you are.

This book would make a pretty good movie script and hopefully Scalzi might expland on this story with some sequels or perhaps prequels. (Actually it looks like there will definitely be a sequel)

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