This is the blog of Mike McMurray where I can ramble on about things I find interesting in the hope that someone may read it and think the same about me.

I’ve been working in IT for over 20 years and have gained considerable experience across the infrastructure field at a company lucky enough to be a kiwi icon and large corporate. I’m in an Architecture role and before that was focusing on server virtualisation and building web apps to help extract useful data from different business systems. I’ve also built an easy to use wiki documentation system and an automated monitoring application to help keep track of the complicated stuff.

One of my mantras is “automation”. If you do something more than a few times and have a good process, automate it. There’ll be a lot more of this in the next few years with improvements in Windows Server and more prime time for tools helping with continuous deployment, and it’s about time.

My preference is to use Open Source software where possible to help keep data open, lower costs, and increase the opportunity to tie into other systems. In some cases OSS is not the best option and I’m always keen to help advise on alternatives to progress the decision making process.

If you think I might be able to help you extract more value out of your business data or you have a web application or database that you need assistance with, send me an email at mike@mcmurray.co.nz